The Rock and The Rose  The Rock & The Rose

Many of us walk thru life as a Rock, hard, cold, protective and isolated. We feel we have nothing to share or will open up only to those very close to us. Most teens come to this retreat arms folded, attitude intact, they will resist all attempts to reach them, cold, hard and Rock like - too cool for this stuff, too cool for God.

Most, if not all, leave us as a Rose, Softer, more beautiful and reaching out, searching;  for warmth and Sunlight and wanting to share inner beauty with others. 

While we retain our thorns, our petals are open and beautiful, we are open to those who want to get to know us, we share our lives and our God given beauty with all those around us, never knowing who is admiring us from a distance. 

At times we will close up into a ball, but with warmth and feeding we will immediately open to those who care enough to try. We come in many colors and look even better in bunches!

Come, bring us your Rocks and we will share ourselves and thru God's love, turn some Rocks into Roses!


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